Friday, March 20, 2009

Dear Reader

I've been a little inactive of late. Scouring the web for topics to write about has been increasingly making me angry, and adding to my already premature count of grey hairs. Seeing all of the blatant fraud now come to light has had the effect of disillusioning me with the entire financial industry. It just makes me sick. And even more so to hear that Obama is now trying to pose as a great protector of the US taxpayer, demanding 100-odd million in AIG bonuses to be repaid. Seriously, how stupid does he think we are? He gives away trillions, and then demands 100 million back. He's essentially saying that we're too dumb to know the difference between all the zeroes tacked on at the end.

Anyway, I'm compiling a list of arguments to my last post regarding the impossibility of hyperinflation. I'll try to go through as much of those as I can this weekend. I'll also have a technical update sometime this weekend.


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Anonymous said...

Thanks matt. Does that mean with the recent FED action to buy up 1.25 T in bond and other junk will not effect the posibility of inflation/hyper inflation. Looking forward to your post this weekend. Thanks.

Namke von Federlein said...

Hi Matt;

Oh yes - the anger index is rising worldwide. The best of the best of the world's investors are hitting the boiling over point. The average citizen is plotting destruction.

But hey - young man - think about it. You are only angry because you feel helpless?

So, everybody feels helpless? Even the best of the best? Perhaps that is because they don't know who is behind all this systemic madness?

I could suggest : Don't get mad Matt - it would seem that somebody just levelled the odds a notch? Names, dates, places? It helps?

Casino Royale - I really liked the original version with David Niven. It was fun. Never say never again?

Don't worry, be happy. People are just angry because the bookies thought they had it made in that lovely off-shore shade. I have literally swam amongst Barracudas in those lovely off-shore places. The barracudas - they're very curious and a tad predictable - don't wear a nice shiny Rolex? I don't. My old gold Rolex is now under a bridge in Geneva. What a sense of freedom!

The more things you own, the more things own you?

It goes without saying but - please feel to delete, edit or completely block my comments if you feel that they are not beneficial.

fish10 said...


You can hardly blame Obama for the corruption that preceded him. AIG was done under Bush. The lax financial regulations and the Madoff enablers were there before him.

They say Geitner and Dodd knew of the bonuses and Ok'ayed it. If so their heads should fall.

However Obama has a hard time cleaning up the stinking financial industry. These guys have convinced themselves and the world, that they are so critical to the functioning of capitalism that they must be saved, bonuses and all!

Namke von Federlein said...

Everybody's angry. Try this article from the Associated Press - Fri Mar 20 - "AIG bonus outrage has employees living in fear as death threats pour in".

It's going to be a long, hot summer in the good old USA?

I blogged about it with a couple of recent editorial cartoons that kind of show the mood.

Fish10 said...

Here is how it happened

Namke von Federlein said...


tinyurl? a nice outfit? The emperor has new clothes?

Thanks for the link. Rolling Stone - a venerable institution!

Rolling Stone
gonna' see my picture on the cover
gonna' buy 5 copies for my mother
gonna' see my smiling face
on the cover of the Rolling Stone
(old hippie song)

The article only goes as far as Cassano. Where do Cassano, the AIG executives, the JP Morgan guys, the BOA guys and the Fed gruftis have fun in England? Why do they even get invited there? How much do they own them? Hard to pay of a, um, debt if you don't get your bonus, huh. Perhaps that's why the bonuses are so important? Ya pays ya money ya takes ya chance?

Ever wonder why the capital of the USA is not in a state of the USA? It's in a District. Did you ever wonder who actually owns the land called D.C.?

Ooooh, and it makes me wonder - and they're buying the stairway to heaven? (old Lead Zeppelin song).

Anyway, they've left a track as wide as a moose? My uncle likes to hunt moose. I asked (when I was a little kid) : How to you track a moose? He said : just follow the trail.

Can't wait for the next edition of Rolling Stone.

Just opinions, not facts. Opinions. Hoping to lighten up the mood a bit, I guess. Ya gotta have a sense of humus?

Matt Stiles said...

A sense of humus? Haha.

I read the first few paragraphs of the RS article. I decided to print it and keep it for Sunday morning reading beside the canal. Looks like a good one. Thanks for the comments folks.


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