Thursday, March 26, 2009

Some Common Sense

This is by far the best interview I've heard from Dr. Paul on a major network. They let him go for over 12 minutes and actually ask some decent questions.

The bill he refers to about auditing the Federal Reserve is HR 1207. It has 44 cosponsors thus far...

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And I must mention my new hero, Daniel Hannan backbencher in the EU Parliament. This takes "telling it like it is" to a whole new level. Bravo Mr. Hannan.

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fish10 said...

Brown is no better or worse than any other politician who watched the bubbble blow up and did nothing.

However what the young English gentleman forgets to say, is how he would solve the

Namke von Federlein said...

Thanks for the video links! I really like the one from Hannan MEP. I don't know if you automatically get trackbacks from me and I try to be very careful about fair use. I linked to the post today from my site on Namke News Nuggets (with credit to Futronomics). Did you automatically get a trackback?

@fish10 : And about the solutions. Well, perhaps Hannan is offering a big part of the solution in his talk : stop lieing about it. I personally think that this would help to speed up the solution process.

Also, in the NNN March 25th I linked to that great Rolling Stone article you offered. Thanks! (apologies : it was issue number one of NNN and I was so worried about the formatting etc that I forgot to ht you fish10 :-(. Would you like me to go back and add the ht now?

Fish10 said...

No worries. I am strictly a recreational blogger.

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