Thursday, August 21, 2008

Best of the Net - Thursday August 21, 2008

Mike Shedlock answers some questions and takes a closer look at monetary numbers that he addressed on Tuesday in Revisiting the M3 contraction. He also delved into new data on the rising savings rate, concluding that heavily indebted baby boomers will be paying back that debt by reducing their consumption (a double whammy for the economy - lower spending and contracting credit) in What's Behind the Soaring Savings Rate?

A little levity you ask? Well, here you go: McDonald's Unveils The Big Freddie Mac

In Five Things You Need to Know: Bernanke's Jackson Hole Gets Deeper, Kevin Depew gives a look back to some 2007 comments from Bernanke and shows clearly that the "Bernanke Put" has expired worthless.

Yves Smith had an article on statements from a Dutch Central Banker that suggested the end may be near for the easy money policies of the ECB providing liquidity to stressed financial institutions. Read the article here: ECB: Banks Need to Wean Themselves off Liquidity Support

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