Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Best of the Net - Tuesday August 19, 2008

Between the mounds of sarcasm, you'll find a very good discussion of today's PPI numbers in Kevin Depew's Five Things You Need to Know: No One is Driving the Train. This is a perfect example of why headline numbers should be looked at with a grain of salt.

Mike Shedlock talks about the massive contraction in M3 money supply with M3 Contraction: The Future is Now.

William Hester gives some very good historical analysis on previous recessions and tries to draw a correlation with the current recession/bear market to others. I highly reccommend reading this one: The Beginning of the Middle

Bloomberg reports that Kenneth Rogoff, former IMF cheif economist and a specialist in alalysing financial crises over the last 800 years believes The Worst is Yet to Come

Yves Smith reports on a happiness survey conducted, that shows The Key to Happiness is Freedom, Not Income. I agree, but I think the scales are tipping in the other direction as governments become more paranoid and authoritarian around the world.

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