Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Best of the Net - Tuesday August 12, 2008

Bennet Sedacca of Minyanville wraps up a 3 part series on the credit markets, where he describes the equity markets as irrational and the credit markets less so. The dichotomy between the two markets should be getting more attention in the media, but as usual does not. The bubbleheads on CNBC would far rather you believe some bank being up 6% on the day means the credit crisis is over. Thankfully, Bennet provides us with the real scoop A Tale of Two Markets, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

Frank Barbera takes a technical lense to the massive selloff in commodities and concludes that we may be at an intermediate term bottom in his Market Wrapup Commodity Correction - Coming Into an Important Bottom?

Robert Murphy at Mises.org discusses the absurdity of the recent SEC rules against naked short selling in a select grouping of 19 "VIP" financial stocks with Short-Sale Restrictions Are an Excersise in Naked Power

Tanta over at Calculated Risk is looking at the coming accelleration in Alt-A defaults in Subprime and Alt-A: The End of One Crisis, and the Beginning of Another

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