Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Best of the Net - Wednesday August 20, 2008

Chris Puplava has some interesting commentary in his Market Wrap-up at Financial Sense. He talks about some of the major trends that have affected our economies over the last 4 decades. He even throws out one of my favourite Mark Twain quotes in Why So Depressed?

Kevin Depew writes about 'Stagflation.' What it is, where it comes from and whether or not its heading our way. His answer is that the perception of stagflation is simply a stopping point on the long road (we're talking decades here) from massive inflation to deflation. I couldn't agree more. Read: Five Things You Need To Know: Not Your Father's Stagflation

Paul Kasriel Steps Back and Looks at the History of Core Inflation He concludes, based on a number of factors, that core inflation will moderate over coming months.

Frank Shostak further debunks the myth that the current delevering of balance sheets of the world's banks is a negative. He notes that with an increase of savings rates among banks and individuals, the road to recovery can be properly sewn. It is a dry article (as Frank's always are), but worth reading. Is Deleveraging Bad for the Economy?

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